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The Program 

One of ACUA’s greatest assets is the number of talented speakers among its membership. ACUA’s faculty list is a terrific resource if your association or university is looking for talented speakers on topics such as risk, internal controls, auditing, compliance and fraud.

ACUA Faculty - Areas of Expertise

Invite ACUA Faculty to Speak at Your Event

Please complete the request form and email it to the ACUA Office at [email protected]. The Faculty members selected are responsible for negotiating travel, honoraria, etc. with those requesting their services. ACUA does not receive any funds from the use of the ACUA Faculty but does ask that organizations list presenters as ACUA Faculty in program materials.

ACUA Faculty “Training for Travel” Program

The ACUA Faculty “Training for Travel” program was developed to assist member institutions with arranging for training to be provided by an ACUA Faculty member in exchange for payment of the Faculty member’s travel expenses.

Using the ACUA Faculty program, member institutions may either contact a Faculty member or the Faculty Director to discuss whether their training needs can be fulfilled by a Faculty member. Now, with mutual agreement between the requesting member institution and a Faculty member, the training can be provided in person by the Faculty member for only the cost of their travel expenses. The ACUA Faculty Training Travel Form was developed to assist with this process as long as the requesting member institution and the Faculty member are agreeable to the arrangement.

Use of the form is free, but there will be a cost of $65 per training participant if CPE is requested.

New for Faculty Use!

Please feel free to share the following materials with your speaking audience. They are intended to provide helpful information on internal auditing, higher education internal auditing, and ACUA! You may print the materials to distribute to your audience or distribute the materials electronically. In addition to brochures and half-sheet handouts, there are also a few slide options for use in PowerPoint presentations.

Contact Information

Please contact the ACUA Executive Office or the Professional Education Committee if you have any questions.

ACUA Executive Office at (913) 222-8663 or [email protected]
ACUA Faculty Director, Lynne Sanders, [email protected]
PEC Chair, Nikki Pittman, [email protected]


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ACUA Faculty Training Travel Form



Director of Internal Audit
Ali Subhani, CIA, CISA, GSNA
Collin College
(972) 516-5036
[email protected]
Director, Internal Audit
Allen Amyotte, CPA, CGA, CIA, CRM
University of Alberta
(780) 984-7782
[email protected]
Audit Supervisor
The University of Texas at San Antonio
(210) 458-4237
[email protected]
Chief Audit Executive
J. Michael Peppers, CPA, CIA, QIAL, CRMA
The University of Texas System
(512) 499-4390
[email protected]
Director of Internal Audit
Justin Noble, CIA, MBA
Virginia Tech
[email protected]
Associate Director of Audit
Kate Head, CPA, CISA, CFE, CIG
University of South Florida System
(813) 974-3737
[email protected]
Senior Lecturer
Kathryn Kapka, CPA, CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CGMA
The University of Texas at Tyler
(903) 566-7114
[email protected]
Associate Vice President for Audit, Compliance & Privacy
Kevin Robinson, CIA, CFE
Auburn University
(334) 844-4389
[email protected]
Chief Audit Executive
Kimberly Turner, CPA
Texas Tech University System
(806) 742-3220
[email protected]
Associate Director, Forensic Audits
Melissa B. Hall, CPA, CFE
Georgia Inst. of Technology
(404) 894-3927
[email protected]
Associate Audit Director for Business & Technology Services
Michael Bowers, CPA, CIA, CGMA
Brown University
(617) 253-9728
[email protected]
Chief Executive of Audit, Risk and Compliance
Patricia Snopkowski, CPA, CIA, MBA
Oregon State University
(541) 737-0505
[email protected]
Chief Audit Executive and Director of Internal Auditing
Phil Hurd, CISA, CISSP
Georgia Institute of Technology
(770) 715-3615
[email protected]
Chief Audit Officer
Florida State University
(850) 644-0651
[email protected]
Chief Audit Executive
Sandy Jansen, CIA, CCSA, CRMA
The University of Texas at Austin
(512) 471-0545
[email protected]
Executive Director of Audit, Risk, and Compliance
Sharon Kurek, CPA, CFE, MBA
Virginia Tech
(540) 231-5883
[email protected]
IT Audit Manager
Thomas Salzman, CISA
Illinois State University
(309) 438-3332
[email protected]
Chief Audit Executive
Toni Stephens, CPA, CIA, CRMA
The University of Texas at Dallas
(972) 883-4876
[email protected]

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