Demystifying SQL For Internal Auditors

Data Analytics Roundtable:  Demystifying SQL For Internal Auditors
April 14, 2022 at 1:00 pm Eastern
Speakers: Kate M. Head, Joselyn De La Cruz-Rameau

Have you been asked as an Internal Auditor to perform Data Analytics, or learn SQL code? Has most of your SQL analytics been self-taught and you would like some direction regarding how to use SQL and how it is relevant to Internal Audit? Then this course is for you!

The Demystifying SQL for Internal Auditors will discuss how to use SQL in Internal Audit, review the code once the script is provided, and incorporate all of the knowledge into your audit.

The webinar will have two breakout sessions:

  • Auditors who would like to develop their SQL programming skills, and
  • Auditors who would like to learn how to read SQL and do not plan to code. 

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:
  1. Gain an understanding of how to use SQL code
  2. Learn the process for reviewing SQL code
  3. Understand how to write and document SQL Code
  4. Explore best practices or use cases through interactions with others

Field of Study: Analytics
Program Level: Overview 
Advance Preparation: None 
Prerequisites: None 
Location: Virtual
Type of Delivery Method: Group-internet-based
Cost: No Cost 
Number of Credits: 1

Review Support Material here; PowerPoint; Introduction to SQL Part 1; Introduction to SQL Part 2
SQL Breakout PowerPoint; SQL Example

Recording not available (breakouts)