Internal Audit Awareness

One stop shop for tips and tools to use during Internal Audit Awareness Month or anytime of the year!

The Association of College and University Auditors believes that internal auditors add tremendous value to their institutions. However, other campus departments may not understand the purpose and value of internal auditing in higher education. An internal audit awareness campaign is important to advocate for the value of internal audit and build relationships across your campus.

To help members promote the overall value and increase awareness of internal audit, and in preparation for Internal Audit Awareness Month in May, the Internal Audit Awareness committee has created a number of resources available below for use at your institution.  Many of the resources can be tailored to meet the needs of your campus.

In addition to the resources below, the ACUA impact movie was developed to help you promote internal audit.  In less than three minutes, the movie captures the value we provide to our institutions every day and encourages membership in ACUA.    

Do you have additional awareness resources that we can share?  If so, contact the Internal Audit Awareness Committee Chair: Kassie Roberts, Georgia Tech,

Idea Box:

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  • Promote IA via your university and local media –newsletter, radio station, idea corners campus monitors, etc.
  • Review the Internal Audit Awareness Month Toolkit for additional ideas FAQ's