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Subcontractor Bidding Process: Contract Controls and Auditing

Thursday, June 20, 2024 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

The majority of the incurred costs in a construction project is for work subcontracted out to the trades.  As a result, the subcontractor bidding process is often an area of significant focus on construction audits. 
A general understanding of trade contracting is necessary to identify areas for review and testing.  This presentation will cover an introduction to the trade contracting process, how the trade scopes of work are developed, why auditing this process is beneficial, and awareness of issues of concern.

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to…
1. Identify the support documents necessary for auditing the subcontractor selection process.
2. Develop an understanding of intent of the bid scoping process and associated adjustments.
3. Evaluate bid scoping documents to identify possible conflicts with selection of best cost and/or qualifications.

Field of Study: Auditing
Advance Preparation: None
Prerequisites: None
Cost: Free for members; $25 for non-members
Number of Credits: 1 Credit.

Please Note: This event qualifies for non-NASBA certified CPEs only

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Internal Audit Strategies for Evaluating Enrollment Management in Higher Education

March 28, 2024 12:00 PM CT
Speaker: Katlyn Andrews, Senior Manager and Tiffany Krause, Manager at Baker Tilly US, LLP

Join us for an insightful webinar that delves into the intersection of internal audit and enrollment management within the higher education landscape. This webinar aims to equip internal audit professionals with strategies for effectively auditing enrollment management activities. Attendees will learn about the enrollment management lifecycle, as well as current and emerging risks, such as the impact of recent FASFA delays on enrollment management strategies and timelines. The webinar will also discuss audit objectives, approaches, recommendations, and leading practices from recently completed enrollment management internal audits.

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to…

  1. Identify the various components of enrollment management, from admissions processes to student support services.
  2. Explore the unique risks associated with enrollment management, including demographic shifts, economic factors, and regulatory challenges and discuss how internal audit can effectively identify, assess, and mitigate these risks.
  3. Discuss real-world examples and case studies illustrating successful internal audit initiatives in enrollment management, including approaches and tools to leverage during your next enrollment management audit.
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12/8/2022 ACUA/BDO USA, LLP Webinar - Developing an Audit of Research Activities Leveraging Results of OIG and Single Audits Presented by Jackie Bernal, David Clark Link
11/10/2022 Conflicts of interest and commitment: risk and internal audit considerations to elevate community engagement Presented by Deloitte Link
10/6/2022 Cryptocurrency Opportunities and Risks in Higher Education Kimberly Macedo, Robert Specter Link
8/25/2022 Benchmarking Fines and Fees Refunding Processes and Industry Standards Related to Retroactive Withdrawals and Refund Controls David Terry Link
7/28/2022 Athletics Joe Cannella, Megan Graham, Rachel Flenner Link
6/23/2022 So, You Want to Audit Construction Costs – What Support Do You Request, What Will You Receive, and What Do You Do With It? Curt Plyler and Martin Howell Link
6/2/2022 Research Security: What Auditors Must Know in 2022 Matt Gilbert, Mike Cullen, and Adrienne Larmett Link
5/12/2022 Clery Act Fundamentals: Methods to Assist with Compliance and Increase Student Safety Jessica Johnson, Joe Holmes, Candace McLaren Lanham, and Kanna Hudson Link
4/24/2022 Demystifying SQL For Internal Auditors (Data Analytics) Kate Head, Joselyn De La Cruz-Rameau Link
2/17/2022 Virtual Small Shop Roundtable LaDonna Flynn Link
11/18/2021 How to Perform A NIST Cypersecurity (CSF) Assessment in Seven Easy Steps Meghan Senseney, Jimmy Edmundson, Rosa Lara Link
11/16/2021 How to Speak Data Geek Kate Head, Joselyn De La Cruz-Rameau Link
8/12/2021 Google Hacking for Auditors Brian Markham Link
7/28/2021 Hot Topics in Athletics Katlyn Andrews, Colleen Lewis Link
6/24/2021 Capital Project Cost Management in the Age of COVID-19 – Getting It Right Upfront Curt Plyler, Martin Howell Link
5/26/2021 Assessing the Strength of Your Institution’s Academic Integrity Program in a Remote ‎Learning Environment Adrienne Larmett, Chris Garrity Link
4/22/2021 Analytics as Part of Every Audit Ken Petersen Link
2/25/2021 ERM and BCP: Lessons Learned During COVID-19 Meghan St. George, Eric Wunderlich Link
2/11/2021 Sponsored Programs - Post Award Kickstarter Wendee Shinsato, Christina Chen Link
1/28/2021 Preparing for Admissions in the New World Emily Knopp, Janice Foley, Miles Hitchcock Link
12/10/2020 Auxiliary Enterprises Kickstarter Toni Stephens, Jesson Gil, Joshua Bennett Link
11/10/2020 Hot Topics in Higher Education Auditing Haley Anderson, Nataly Cherepansky, Du'Neika Easley, Jon Nichols, Meghan Senseney Link
10/22/2020 Data Analytics: Introduction to a Process Framework and Collaboration Resources Alison Bogart, Christine Heise, Trevor Hughes Link
8/27/2020 Protecting the Value of Higher Education During These Unprecedented Times of Change Sandy Jansen, Chief Audit Executive, UT-Austin;
Jim Jarrell, Chief Audit Officer, Johns Hopkins University & Medicine; David Kennedy, VP & Director, Costing Policies, Council on Governmental Relations
8/13/2020 Construction Audit Overview Martin Howell, Principal, Fort Hill Associates;
Curt Plyler, Principal, Fort Hill Associates
7/28/2020 Digital Transformation in Higher Education Mike Cullen, Higher Education Practice Director, Baker Tilly;
Claudio Garcia, Director of Intelligent Automation, Baker Tilly;
Saleem Khan, Senior Manager, IT Audit, Emory University
4/14/2020 Higher Education Goes Virtual: Assessing Oversight, Academic Continuity, and Integrity as Institutions Move to Online Course Delivery Christopher Garrity, Director of Internal Audit, Saint Joseph’s University
John Park, Director, Baker Tilly     
Jeff Krull, Partner, Baker Tilly       
Adrienne Larmett, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly
4/08/2020 Providing Internal Audit Value in This Time of Uncertainty Raina Rose Tagle, Partner, Baker Tilly
Mumta Taneja, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly
3/12/2020 Expanding on the Kickstarter for Investigations: Misappropriation of Assets  Intan McCartt, Investigations and Special Projects Auditor Link
2/20/2020 Foreign Influence – How Internal Audit Can Help Address Concerns and Risks on Campus Ashley Deihr, Partner, Baker Tilly; Brynn Tomlinson, Manager, Baker Tilly Link
1/23/2020 Ransomware: What's Next?  Kathy Cruz, Director, Cyber Government, KPMG LLP
12/12/2019 Part Two: Climbing the Ranks: Best Practices for Preventing Fraud and Misreporting in Admissions and Institutional Data Christopher Garrity, Financial Affairs, Internal Audit, Saint Joseph’s University; Adrienne Larmett and Kimberly Macedo, Senior Managers, Baker Tilly  Link
10/17/2019 Climbing the Ranks: Best Practices for Preventing Fraud and Misreporting in Admissions and Institutional Data Christopher Garrity, Financial Affairs, Internal Audit, Saint Joseph’s University and Adrienne Larmett, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly  Link
10/3/2019  IT System Access Controls Kickstarter Michael Dean, Principal IT Auditor, Virginia Tech, Kick Starter author Link

Auditing Information Technology General Controls Sudeshna Aich, Senior Auditor - Information Technology, Florida State University - Office of Inspector General Services Link
07/18/2019 Athletics Ticket Operations: It’s a Tough Job but Somebody’s Gotta Do It!  Why Not You? Jana Clark, Senior Internal Auditor at Kansas State University ​Link
06/13/2019 My Big Fat Greek (Life) Audit Chris Garrity, St. Joseph's University and Adrienne Larmett, Baker Tilly Link
06/06/2019 Financial Aid – Enhancing Your Processes and Understanding Current Compliance Trends Jonathan A. Nichols, Baker Tilly
Joel Rudnick &
Stan Freeman, PowersLaw
05/16/2019 IT Risk Assessment- A Practical Holistic Approach Mike Cullen & Jimmy Edmundson, Baker Tilly Link
04/09/2019 Assessing The Student Health of Your Institution's Student Wellness Initiatives Elizabeth Truelove McDermott, Meghan Devaney, Nataly Cherepansky Link
03/21/2019 Kick Starter: Service Centers and Uniform Guidance Kara Kearney- Saylor, Director of Internal Audit at University of Buffalo Link
02/07/2019 The Difference Between Being in a Profession and Being Professional Sam McCall, Chief Auditor Officer, Florida State University Link
11/08/2018 Responding to External Agencies John Curran, CAE, University of Kansas and Colleen Lewis and Brynn Tomlinson, Managers at Baker Tilly Link
08/17/2018 How Ethics Combats Fraud Imad Mouchayleh, Senior Internal Auditor, Madison College Link
05/17/2018 Identity and Access Management in an Academic Environment John Lidros, President, Eminere Group Link
05/01/2018 Before, During, After: Benefits of Periodic Project Risk Reviews Ian Sterrett, Health System IT Audit Manager, Duke University; Mike Cullen and Michael Wright, Senior Managers with Baker Tilly Link
02/27/2018 Operation Collaboration – Leading Practices for Leveraging Common Internal Audit and Compliance Structures at Higher Education Institutions Vicki Duggan, Julian Williams, Ashley Deihr, Matt Yates, Baker Tilly Link
02/07/2018 Brick by Brick – Building Construction Audit Skills in Internal Audit Asel Solovyeva, Senior Auditor, Office of University Audits, University of Michigan Robert Zellmer, Manager, Baker Tilly Link
12/19/2017 EU General Data Protection Regulations Impacting U.S. Institutions Mark Bednarz, Partner, Risk Advisory, PKF O’Connor Davies and Ian Singer, IT Partner, Risk Advisory, PKF Littlejohn Link
12/13/2017 Auditing Social Media and Reputational Risk Felicia Best, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting - TeamMate Link
11/30/2017 Managing Cybersecurity Assessments and Compliance Brian J. Daniels, Virginia Tech; Meghan Farrell and Mike Cullen, Baker Tilly Link
11/15/2017 Penetration Testing – What Is It Good For? Eric Randle, Senior Penetration Tester, Creative Breakthroughs Inc. Link
10/12/2017 Sponsored Research: Using the data to Detect, Deter & Prevent Fraud Melissa Hall, Associate Director, Forensic Audits, Georgia Institute of Technology and Paul Coleman, Consultant with Georgia Institute of Technology Link
08/25/2017 HIPAA in Higher Ed – Does Your Risk Assessment Get an A+ from OCR? Janice Ahlstrom, Mike Cullen, and John Kiss with Baker Tilly Link
08/16/2017 Business Continuity: What is at Risk? Mark Bednarz, Partner in Charge, Risk Advisory and Larry Baye, Principal, Risk Advisory at PKF O’Connor Davies Link
07/27/2017 Compliance Potpourri Nataly Cherepansky, Senior Consultant, Jimmy Edmundson, Senior Consultant and Matt Yates, Consultant, Baker Tilly Link
06/07/2017 Sales Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax Issues for Colleges and Universities Steve Hoffman, The Ordinary Success Project dba The Tax Translator Link
05/24/2017 Auditing Academic Processes: Lessons from Down Under Phillip John Armanas, Audit and Risk Management, University of South Australia Link
04/19/2017 Seven Secrets to Success with Students Tony Stephens, Institutional Chief Audit Executive, The University of Texas at Dallas Link
03/21/2017 Be a Catalyst for Your ERM Program Baker Tilly Link
03/08/2017 Auditing for Title IX Compliance Nancy Nasca, Manager, Rochester Institute of Technology Link
02/16/2017 The Importance of Internal Audit Building a Strong Partnership with Billing Compliance, Privacy, and Information Security Functions Glen C. Mueller, Cornell University Link
01/26/2017 Enhancing Network Security Ashish Jain, University System of New Hampshire Link
12/07/2016 Auditing for Title IX Compliance Nancy Nasca, Manager, Rochester Institute of Technology Link
11/01/2016 Construction Auditing Sandy Jansen, CIA, CCSA, CRMA, Executive Director, University of Tennessee And Tony Ollmann, CPA, CCA, Firm Director, Baker Tilly Link
10/04/2016 Starting & Sustaining Your Use of IDEA – ACUA Special Interest Group Webcast Jeremy Clopton, Director with BKD Link
10/12/2016 PCI Compliance Risks ACUA Speaker: Shiva Hullavared (Univ of Alaska) Link
08/24/2016 Uniform Guidance, the Green Book and COSO Patricia Hawk Rosemary Madnick Link
08/09/2016 What to Do with the Cloud You Bought or Thought You Bought Jason Ackerman Mike Cullen Eric Smith Link
07/27/2016 Root Cause Analysis: 3 Steps to Implement 2 RCA Methods Raven Catlin Link
06/22/2016 Back to Basics – Performing a Risk Assessment for Your Athletic Department Justin Noble, Audit Director, Texas Tech University System Martina Buckley, Manager, Baker Tilly Colleen Lewis, Senior Consultant, Baker Tilly Link
04/05/2016 Transforming Internal Audit John Curran, University of Kansas, Director of Internal Audit Ashley Deihr, Senior Manager, Baker Tilly Link
03/16/2016 1099s, FACTA, and Beginners Guide to a Tax Compliance Program at Your School Steve Hoffman “The Tax Translator” Link
02/10/2016 Protect Your Institution with Effective Cybersecurity Governance Baker Tilly Link
12/11/2015 Auditing in a Global Environment Baker Tilly Link
10/14/2015 Reining in Third Party Risks   Mark Bednarz, O’Connor Davies Kevin Secrest, University of Pennsylvania Link
09/09/2015 Small Shops Auditing Part Two Baker Tilly Link
08/12/2015 What College/University Auditors (and Business Departments) Need to Know About Tax Steve Hoffman “The Tax Translator” Link
07/15/2015 People-Centric Skills:  Communication Skills When the Stakes are High Danny Goldberg, Gold SRD   Link
07/01/2015 Uniform Guidance: An Update from the Field Baker Tilly Link
05/20/2015 Small Shops Auditing Part One Baker Tilly Link
03/11/2015 Show Me the Money: Using Data Analytics to Audit Payroll Baker Tilly Link