As a member of the world's foremost higher education auditing community, you will have access to ACUA publications, training, and continuing educational opportunities, as well as excellent networking opportunities.

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of an ACUA membership include:

  • Access to industry-specific auditing tools, such as ACUA Kickstarters and the ACUA Risk Dictionary.
  • Networking and information-sharing opportunities geared towards auditing in a higher education environment through the Connect ACUA platform.
  • Discounted conference rates, job posting rates, as well as special discounts on products and educational opportunities from our Strategic Partners and other supporters.
  • The proprietary sections of the ACUA website
  • Latest notifications to the journal with hot topics in higher education.
  • Voting rights in ACUA elections (for one institutional representative).
  • Opportunity for employees of the institution to run for and hold office in ACUA.

Membership Types

ACUA provides two types of memberships - institutional and individual.

Institutional Memberships
This type of membership is an organization-level membership, and is reserved for institutions of higher education. Each institution pays one membership fee. Each institution has an Institutional Representative and designates the other individuals at his/her institution that are also eligible to be covered under that membership

Individual Memberships
An individual currently affiliated with an organization that is eligible for institutional membership but the organization does not allow for an institutional membership to be paid by the organization even though the affiliated individual has an interest in ACUA or internal auditing.

Emeritus Membership
An individual who is retired from an ACUA member institution and is earning no active employment compensation income from that institution or other ACUA membership-eligible institution.

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Membership Costs

Institutional Membership Dues
The dues structure is based on the number of staff in the Internal Audit department and other members that will be covered under the institutional membership. The dues structure seeks to establish equity between smaller and larger departments with fees comparable to the benefits received.

Membership Tier # Members Serviced Annual Dues
Tier 1 1-5 $225 per member
Tier 2 6-10 $200 per member
Tier 3 11+ $175 per member

Individual Membership Dues - $225

Emeritus Membership - $50
Please note: Individual and Emeritus Membership is a restricted category and must be approved by the Membership Committee.

Prorated Dues Schedule
For new members, both institutional and individual membership dues are prorated after March 1. Renewing members are not eligible for prorated rates.