How to Speak Data Geek

Title: How to Speak Data Geek
Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern
Presenter: ACUA
Speakers: Kate Head, Joselyn De La Cruz-Rameau

Often the hardest part of starting a data-driven project is getting the data needed to perform your work and then ‎understanding the limitations of the data you have. This begins with building relationships with the data stewards ‎and data owners who entrust you with the data they are responsible for protecting. Being familiar with data ‎security, data custody controls and your institution's sensitive information practices is a good start, but you also ‎need to be able to understand your data needs, and be able to communicate, in a common language, what these ‎needs are. It is about asking the right questions, to the right people, in a manner that demonstrates you ‎understand the data, its sensitivity, and its limitations. Likewise, it is having the ability to respond to those in your ‎organization who are the system matter experts with regards to the data you are analyzing. This means ‎understanding the language they use – the Geek Speak. This presentation is for those who are looking to gain ‎more confidence when requesting data or access to data directly and when working with data owner and data ‎SME’s. This presentation will also increase the probability you are getting the right data to answer your data ‎driven audit needs the first time.‎

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

1) Develop a data strategy prior to making data inquires.‎

2) Discuss data analytic needs with data owners and stewards with more ‎confidence

3) Create more accurate and complete data requests which help ensure you get ‎the right data the first time.‎

Field of Study: Information Technology
Location: Virtual
Type of Delivery Method: Group-internet-based
Prerequisite:  None
Advanced Preparation: None
CPE Credit: 1.0 Credits
Cost: None

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