ACUA Photograph and Film Acceptable Use Policy

ACUA respects the wishes and privacy of speakers, and attendees in regards to the use of photographs and film. By attending, conference attendees acknowledge that photographs and periodic filming may be taken at such ACUA sponsored events and may be published in the College and University Auditor Journal, on the ACUA website, or on ACUA’s social media sites, including the conference app.

Photographer includes any individual (including conference attendees) actively engaged in capturing an image, sound or both by mechanical or digital means such as, but not limited to by 35 millimeter camera, digital camera, cell phone camera, disposable camera, video camera, tape recorder, etc. for any purpose.

Filming is intended to include the recording of image, sound or both on film or digital media using a movie camera.
Attendees and presenters who do not wish to be photographed or filmed in a general setting should communicate with the photographer and/or ACUA Executive Director.

FILMING is not permitted during technical sessions and presentations; however, photography is permitted with approval from all presenter(s), facilitator(s), and/or panelist(s).

Violators of the ACUA Photograph and Film Acceptable Use policy may be asked to leave the conference and provide all unauthorized photographic and filming materials to ACUA.

Inquiries and questions should be directed to the following:

Jose Segarra, ACUA Executive Director
1120 20th St NW
Washington, DC 20036