1099s, FACTA, and Beginners Guide to a Tax Compliance Program at Your School

March 16, 2016

Steve Hoffman, The Tax Translator

Course Description

Want to learn how to increase tax compliance at your university?  The IRS has been increasing its focus on higher education. You can’t get ready for an audit you have to stay ready, and to stay ready, you have to get ready.  The Beginners Guide to Tax Compliance session will help you get ready and stay ready.

Does 1099 reporting bring about a lot of questions for you?  You will know how to report income, how you can correct a mistake and avoid IRS assessments of penalties and interest.

Heard about FACTA Reporting? Does it apply to you?  Don’t know?  Sign up for this webinar and you’ll see what you have to do or not.

Learning Objectives

Utilize tips and technique to improve compliance for reporting on Form 1099 to avoid penalties and interest assessments from the IRS.  They will know when a 1099 is to be filed, making corrections to the 1099 Form and how to avoid pitfalls in reporting on this form.
Establish a tax compliance program at their school through the six steps necessary to complete this.
Determine if their institution is subject to new reporting called FACTA.

Presenter Biography

Steve Hoffman is a tax professional with many years of experience and education and is dedicated to providing education and consulting on taxes to colleges and universities and nonprofit organizations.

He has served as Tax Manager of George Washington University, the largest nonprofit educational organization in Washington, DC.  He is the former Director of Tax Services, and Payroll in the Business and Finance Division at the flagship West Virginia University.  He also served for six years as the first ever Director of Taxation at The Ohio State University, the largest land grant university in the US.  He is editor and publisher of the Tax Update Newsletter for Higher Education that is distributed to colleges and universities around the United States and publishes a Blog on taxes in Higher Education that is widely read.  His background includes 15 years with the IRS and he is an Enrolled Agent before the IRS.  He has been employed in multiple areas of taxation such as local government, federal government, nonprofit organizations, and corporate taxation.


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