What College/University Auditors (and Business Departments) Need to Know About Tax

August 12, 2015 
Steve Hoffman, The Tax Translator

Course Description  

Specifically designed for colleges and universities, this webinar will provide a good understanding of the many tax issues that exist on a college campus.  Topics covered include: 

  • Unrelated Business Income Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Employment Tax
  • Foreign Students
  • Independent Contactors

Learning Objectives  

  1. Identify sources of tax exposure on campus

  2. Complete a UBIT Survey on campus to identify sources of UBIT

  3. Assess the degree of tax compliance on campus

  4. Develop a Tax Team

  5. Understand sales tax collections and exemptions

 Presenter Biography

Steve Hoffman is a tax professional with many years of experience and education.  He is dedicated to providing education and consulting on taxes to colleges and universities.  He has served as Tax Manager of George Washington University, Director in Business and Finance for West Virginia University and Tax Manager at The Ohio State University.  He is editor and publisher of the Tax Update Newsletter for Higher Education, distributed to colleges and universities around the United States. He is also a recovering IRS Officer of 15 years.  

He was appointed by the Secretary of the Treasury to serve on the Advisory Committee for Taxation for the Tax Exempt/Governmental Entities Division of the IRS. He holds a Master of Science in Taxation Degree. Known as The Tax Translator, he makes tax law easily understood.  He is the author of “Taxation for Colleges and Universities: Six Steps to a Successful Tax Compliance Program” and “Resources from The Tax Translator.”


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