ACUA Spotlights

ACUA Spotlights are featured ACUA members who show what it means to be an exemplary ACUA member or volunteer. Whether it's going above and beyond for a committee, or presenting an exciting session at one of our conferences, ACUA wants to spotlight our best and brightest.

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Erin Egan, CPA, CIA

Director of Audit and Advisory Services, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Years in Higher Education
14 Years

ACUA Involvement
“Wherever possible, I volunteer my time. I’ve written articles for the ACUA Journal, proctored, and presented at conferences, and served on committees. I currently serve as a mentor and the Director of the Auditing and Accounting Principles sub-committee. This sub-committee was responsible for drafting ACUA’s response earlier this year to the IIA’s draft new Standards.”
“I was very fortunate to be a member of the 2013-2014 ACUA Leads cohort. The lessons I learned, and the people I met, remain with me today. ACUA has broadened my professional network; enabling me to deepen my industry knowledge, add skills to my professional toolbox, and provide me a pool of people to commiserate with about our unique role in higher education!”

Professional Background
"I joined Rutgers as a Senior Auditor in December 2009 after nearly a decade in public accounting and consulting. As a lifelong resident of New Jersey, and a product of its public education system, I was excited to join Rutgers and interested to see how internal audit contributed to its success. I was, and still am, pleasantly surprised at how challenging (and rewarding) it is to work in higher education. No two projects—no two days—are the same. Since I joined Rutgers, it has gained medical schools, joined the Big Ten, and doubled its research expenditures. I have worked under three Chief Audit Executives, through multiple departmental re-organizations, a New Jersey “superstorm,” and a global pandemic. I’ve also married and become a mom to three sons. I am proud to work at Rutgers and of my role as Director of Audit and Advisory Services. My goal is to provide the resources, guidance, and support necessary for my team to effectively serve Rutgers, while fostering their professional growth.​"

Spotlight Nomination
"Erin has been an active member of ACUA for over a decade. Her most recent significant contribution to the membership was leading the initiative to survey ACUA members and gather comment data on the IIA's new global standards. All the work that went into these efforts resulted in a formal response to the IIA on behalf of ACUA member, which will be a powerful voice in the comment process. Erin is a frequent contributor to the "ICYMI" posts on Connect ACUA to keep the membership apprised of any new or emerging accounting and auditing changes that will impact members."

Patrick McKinney, CIA

Director of Internal Audits, University of Texas at Austin

Years in Higher Education
13 Years

ACUA Involvement
Membership and Marketing Committee Chair, most recently served as the Mentorship Program Chair
“During my time volunteering, I’ve helped analyze membership rates and conference delivery methods, as well as helping to achieve membership goals. This year, the Committee will spend time assessing member needs and feedback.”

“ACUA helped me develop a solid foundation in higher education internal auditing. This foundation has been critical to me achieving success in my different roles during my career. The organization continues to help me succeed because of the network of peers I’ve been able to develop and learn from.”

Professional Background
Patrick is the Director of Internal Audits at The University of Texas at Austin, where he has been for 4 years. Prior to UT, Patrick worked for Texas Tech University System’s Office of Audit Services for nearly 9 years.  Patrick’s higher ed auditing experience has encompassed a broad set of topics but has been concentrated in research and academic healthcare. Between the time at UT and Texas Tech System, Patrick was the External Audit Director for the Texas Department of Transportation.
When not working, Patrick enjoys the outdoors, golfing, and attending his daughters’ swim meets.

Spotlight Nomination
"Patrick has been an active member of the Membership and Marketing Committee since Fall of 2021. Patrick was a part of the task force asked to research the best next steps for Audit Interactive. Patrick has hit the ground running with his contributions to the  Membership and Marketing Committee. His insight has helped project the Committee forward and is always thoughtful and well thought out. Additionally, Patrick was an instrumental member of the Audit Interactive planning  task force. Patrick has also been active in the Austin IIA Chapter."