ACUA Spotlights

ACUA Spotlights are featured ACUA members who show what it means to be an exemplary ACUA member or volunteer. Whether it's going above and beyond for a committee, or presenting an exciting session at one of our conferences, ACUA wants to spotlight our best and brightest.

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Lily Ly, CIA, CCSA

Audit Manager, University of Florida


ACUA Involvement

ACUA’s Kick Starter Subcommittee Volunteer
“As a member of the ACUA’s Kick Starter subcommittee, I help review and provide suggestions for the kick starters created by subject matter experts. Once the kick starter is ready to be shared with ACUA members, I coordinate the communication notices to ACUA’s various communication channels. ACUA has been valuable to me for its resources and the connections it has allowed me to make with other auditors. Tools such as the Risk Dictionary, Kick Starters, and surveys have provided insights that I could not have easily obtained elsewhere. If the available resources do not have the answers I need, then there is the ACUA listserv, or I am able to reach out to one of the contacts I have made as a volunteer or met during an ACUA conference.”

Professional Background
“I have been fortunate to have worked with only the best Chief Audit Executives and Directors who encouraged me to “think outside the box” and created opportunities for continuous growth. Their guidance has helped me to become the audit manager I am today – an objective critical thinker that tries to see the bigger picture and the goals that we are trying to achieve as an organization or in helping to shape the next generation of auditors.”

Spotlight Nomination
"Lily is an exceptional auditor.  She works hard without complaining while completing her work.  She has served as a Division Representative for the IIA and also serves on our local chapter's board.  She has been a Champion for our office implementation of TeamMate+ that began in 2022.  Lily has a cooperative style and pleasant personality that helps to convince management to adopt process improvements that improve the control environment."​