ACUA Spotlights

ACUA Spotlights are featured ACUA members who show what it means to be an exemplary ACUA member or volunteer. Whether it's going above and beyond for a committee, or presenting an exciting session at one of our conferences, ACUA wants to spotlight our best and brightest.

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Jonathan Stadig, CRMA, GRCP, GRCA


Years in Higher Education
5 Years

ACUA Involvement
I help ACUA by volunteering as an assistant for the Virtual Learning Committee (VLC). I have been working with ACUA for five years and I absolutely love being able to learn more about auditing in the higher education sector while also giving back to my colleagues near and far by assisting getting great webinars in front of the people that matter… our fellow auditors.

Professional Background
Jonathan has thirteen years of experience working as an Internal Auditor, External Auditor, and Consultant.  Working closely with clients in higher education and other industries, he has been involved in all aspects of the financial statement audit process for both public and private clients.  In his role as a Senior Auditor, Jonathan focuses on providing senior management, faculty, and staff with consultative and internal auditing services to enable operational efficiency, accountability, and compliance. 
Jonathan has had many audits where he has been the first member of his team to embark on the subject area and ACUA has been instrumental in aiding the success of his individual audits and the success of his University system. The peer resources are tremendous and the organization as a whole has enhanced his career as a university auditor.
“If you haven’t invested time researching the ACUA database, I encourage you to act today.  Thank you to all of my fellow college and university professionals for making ACUA a phenomenal resource for auditors new and experienced. I hold much respect for all that goes into this organization. Everyone gives up their time and makes sacrifices for the benefit of their peers and that is a powerful statement.”
“Quick shoutout to our former VLC Director, Lisa Gendusa, and our new VLC Director, Wendee Shinsato, for making these webinars happen.  They work extremely hard to bring everyone impactful information and if you have a moment, please let them know how much we appreciate all of their efforts. Thank you to all of my fellow ACUA members and I look forward to seeing you in our next webinar.”

Spotlight Nomination
"Jonathan has been volunteering for the Virtual Learning Committee since 2018. If you’ve attended an ACUA webinar, you’ve probably seen him! He is a core member of the committee, helping the new director transition smoothly to her position, making himself available to moderate over half the webinars this year while we worked to bring new volunteers on board, and training new volunteers on their roles. He’s our VLC MVP, and we appreciate everything he’s done to keep the webinars running smoothly."

Jessica Stamm, CIA, MPA

Risk & Compliance Program Manager, University of Kansas


Years in Higher Education
4 Years

ACUA Involvement

Professional Background
Jessica currently serves as the University of Kansas' first risk & compliance program manager and joined KU's Office of Audit, Risk & Compliance (OARC) shortly after its implementation in 2021.
Her responsibilities include ERM and insurance.  She assists the Vice Chancellor for Audit, Risk & Compliance in the overall coordination of the units reporting up through OARC.
She has a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Kansas and a bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Services from Kansas State University. Prior to her current role, Jessica was a staff auditor with KU Internal Audit.

Spotlight Nomination
"Jessica is a rising star in the field of internal audit, compliance, and risk management because of her demonstrated leadership, technical expertise, collaboration, and commitment to excellence. She has a deep understanding of internal audit from her time as an auditor performing departmental reviews and compliance audits. She has used this understanding in her risk management roles by assessing enterprise risks and recommending audit risks from her risk assessment activities. She openly shares resources and mentors others."