Author Guidelines

Articles for College & University Auditor should be written in a straightforward, clear style. The following guidelines will assist authors preparing articles for possible publication in the journal.

  • Follow the Associated Press (AP) style.
  • The College & University Auditor magazine is not an academic journal. Scholarly formats and styles should be avoided.
  • Avoid use of the first person.
  • Avoid excessive jargon and define the jargon you must use.
  • Anticipate the reader’s questions and write accordingly.
  • Ensure the article is submitted electronically in MS Word file format.
  • The average article runs approximately 1,000-2,000 words.
  • Graphics: charts and graphs should be used to emphasize, clarify points in the article and add visual interest. Tables, charts and graphs should be cited in the text.
  • Author biographical by-line is limited to 25 words.
  • Submit an electronic photograph of the author when the article has been accepted for publication. Photograph should not be imbedded in the article.

Editing Process  

Once an article has been accepted, ACUA Journal staff will assign a copy editor to assist the author with producing the final draft for publication.

 Author Compensation

College & University Auditor does not pay authors for providing manuscripts.


The Association of College and University Auditors assumes sole copyright of any article published in College and University Auditor.  Articles published elsewhere are generally not acceptable.  Requests for reprinting an article must be directed in writing to the publisher or editor.

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