Call for Volunteers: Auditing & Accounting Principles Sub-Committee

Position: Member, Auditing and Accounting Principles Sub-Committee  

Number of volunteers needed: 2 volunteers

Time Commitment: This position requires an immediate need for potentially 5-10 hours per month from March 2023 to May 2023 as the sub-committee prepares the ACUA response to the IIA changes to its Standards. After May 2023, the time commitment is potentially a couple of hours per month to research, discuss, and/or summarize relevant news in auditing and accounting to the ACUA membership.

Task Description: Immediate need is for a contributor to the sub-committee’s charge of preparing the ACUA response to the IIA’s proposed changes to its Standards during the public open comment period. The open comment period begins on March 1, 2023, with the release of the new Standards and closes on May 30, 2023. The sub-committee will communicate with the ACUA membership that it is preparing this response and solicit feedback from the membership once it has reviewed the changes to the Standards. The sub-committee will review the membership’s responses and summarize them into a response that will be reviewed and approved by the ACUA President and Board.

Otherwise, the sub-committee meets virtually every other month and corresponds via email to discuss, research, and publish relevant changes to auditing and accounting principles impacting higher education to the membership.

  • ACUA member in good standing
  • Ability to summarize and organize information
  • Enjoys writing and editing
Expectations: The volunteer should be able to commit to a time-sensitive project with interim deadlines throughout March–May 2023

Interested? If you are interested in volunteering for this position, please contact Amy Kozak, Standards and Best Practices Committee Chair, for more information at or 360-650-3435. Thank you for your consideration!