HIPAA in Higher Ed – Does Your Risk Assessment Get an A+ from OCR?

Baker Tilly and ACUA are pleased to offer our upcoming webinar: HIPAA in Higher Ed – Does your risk assessment get an A+ from OCR?c

HIPAA and healthcare technology have evolved significantly over the past twenty years. Threats to ePHI security, confidentially and integrity are more prevalent than ever. A second round of audits conducted by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is underway. Cyber-attacks are increasing. As such, all HIPAA covered entities and business associates are required to conduct HIPAA risk assessments, including higher education and research institutions, academic medical centers, and academic health/clinic systems. Does your risk assessment adhere to the OCR guidelines and what might we be missing?

During this webinar we will discuss the latest HIPAA news and recent higher education OCR actions, commonly forgotten areas of the risk assessment, standard tools recommended by OCR and a practical assessment approach that can lead to efficiencies and savings.

Key learning objectives

Attendees should be able to do the following upon conclusion of the webinar:

  • Inform others about recent HIPAA news and recent OCR actions in higher education and academic medical centers
  • Understand the forgotten areas of the risk assessment and OCR recommended tools available and why these are so important
  • Leverage a practical approach to conducting a HIPAA risk assessment at your institution

Field of study: Compliance
Category: Specialized Knowledge
Program Level: Overview
Location: Virtual
Type of delivery method: Group-internet-based
Prerequisite: None
Advance preparation: None required
CPE credit: 1 Credit
Cost: Complimentary