AuditCon 2019 Handouts

Should you wish to have printed handouts you should download the PDFs below and print prior to departing for the conference.  An ACUA handout station for printing will not be available at AuditCon.  All handouts that have been submitted to the ACUA Executive Office have been posted.

Roster of attendees in alphabetical and institutional order.

Keynote: The Pulse of Higher Education, Howard Teibel, Teibel Education Consulting
General Session: The Diversity Difference and the Inclusion and Innovation Impact, Menah Pratt-Clarke, Virginia Tech
Keynote: Proven Techniques to Increase Internal Audit's Value, Ann Butera, The Whole Person Project
General Session: When Culture & Crisis Collide: The Anatomy of a Great Big Mess, Leigh Goller, Duke University
Keynote: The State of Digital Ethics in 2019: Excitement, Caution, and Hope, John O'Brien, Educause

Leadership, Governance & Risk

1A Becoming a Trusted Advisor by Branding Your Audit Department
2A Accepting Unacceptable Risk: A Case Study
3A Internal Audit and Information Security Working Together for ERM
4A Untapped Resources:  How Building Relationships Between IA and Faculty Can Increase Productivity
5A Annual Risk Assessment and Audit Planning
6A Actionable Advice for Negotiation
7A Risk Partners: Integrating Audit, Risk, & Compliance  
8A Our Triumphs and Challenges Using Agile Auditing Principles
9A Best Practices for Preventing Fraud and Misreporting in Admissions and Institutional Data
10A What's Up with Accounting Standard Setters 
11A Calling all Small Shops
12A The Power of Partnership: A CAE Roundtable

IT/IS, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy

1B Access Management - The First Line of Defense for Cybersecurity
2B The Third Line of Defense in Cybersecurity
3B GDPR in Higher Education - The Journey to Compliance
4B Auditing Social Media Effectively
5B Cybersecurity Emerging Trends for Colleges and Universities
6B IT Audit Demystified 
7B Responding to Risk in an IoT World
8B Conducting an Incident Response from a Digital Forensics Standpoint
9B Major System Implementations – How Auditors Engage For Success
10B IT Auditors and Directors Roundtable
11B IT Risks and Opportunities in Academia 
12B It's Just Someone Else's Computer: Assessing and Understanding Security in Cloud Computing

Research and Compliance

1C Clery Act Compliance:  “What Does It Mean?” 
2C Evaluating the University-Wide Compliance Function
3C Responding to Foreign Influence Concerns Over Concerns on Campus
4C Internal Controls: Looking at Sponsored Research through the COSO Lens
5C Research Compliance in a Decentralized Environment
6C Navigating Civil Rights Compliance
7C Congratulations, You've Been Selected for an NSF Incurred Cost Audit! 
8C Tales from the Trenches:  Lessons Learned about Auditing Research
9C Using Data Analytics and Visualization to Manage Sponsored Project Risk
10C Compliance Considerations Introduced by the Revised Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects
11C Conducting Legal and Ethical Interviews - Thinking Forensically
12C The Front Porch of the University - Hot Topics in Athletics  

Special Topics

1D Fraud/Not Fraud
2D SFA Fraud: How to Identify Fraud and Protect Your Institution
3D Academic Program Analysis/Contribution Margin Analysis – Internal Audit and BKD partnering to support institutional success 
4D Getting the Most Out of Your Hotline
5D Don't Let Conflicts of Interest Corrupt Your Culture
6D Gift Acceptance: Balancing the Institution’s Mission with Donor Intent
7D Developments in Tax Reform and State and Local Tax Matters - Where Should an Internal Auditor Focus
8D Student Recruitment and Tuition Remission-Assessment Tools and Strategies for Auditors
9D What the Heck is Analytics and Why Do I Care?
10D Make Your Audits More Relevant-Capitalize on ERM!
11D Strategic Partnering: Building a Winning Platform for Construction Auditing
12D Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Auxiliaries...and Then Some!