President's Message

Dear ACUA Friends,

Thank you for electing me to be ACUA’s 62nd President, I am both thrilled and excited for the year ahead.  This is a great opportunity for me to serve an organization which has supported me personally in my career and reminds us all, of the bigger picture internal auditing in higher education is developing into.

I intend to build on the legacy of past Presidents to ensure ACUA keeps getting better and better, and I encourage you to volunteer your time and knowledge to ensure this happens.  YOU can make a difference!

My two goals this year are to emphasize…

  • First, I will continue to emphasize and expand our network of friendships and relationships within our ACUA higher education community.  The Board will continue to build strategic partnerships and stay true to its collegial team spirit because that is the true secret of what ACUA brings to our successful members.  Whether you recognize it or not, your knowledge, guidance, and consulting which you perform within your departments, with your presidents, and with your boards, not only makes a difference at your institution, but sharing your knowledge is making an impact on higher education professionally, across the nation.   I want you to share your tips, and success stories to our members and partners; because by leveraging each other’s knowledge we are making the greatest impact on our profession.
  • Secondly, we work each day to streamline ACUA operations to focus on the right content, more guidance, and more tools for each of you.  I want our members to have it all. Please continue to reach out to me as we work on getting better at sharing these resources with you. And not only will we continue to share with our members, but I will need your help in marketing and sharing our knowledge with university boards, presidents, vice presidents and many more higher education professionals.

The network of peers you build from ACUA are all here to help you.  The relationships you build through this association will far exceed your dues paid.  Thank you for your membership and please continue to help spread to others the value membership brings to you.

While I am truly excited about the journey ahead, it is a journey we take together and share in the success.  Please take a few minutes to offer your support to committee chairs for 2019-2020.

ACUA is on a transformational journey, which will be bold but will never forget its roots of mutual respect, friendship and knowledge sharing.  ACUA You have given me the knowledge to make me feel like a rock star in our profession, and I can’t thank you enough.
Julia Hann, CPA, CIA, MBA
Chief Audit Executive
University of North Florida