President's Message

Dear ACUA Colleagues,
It is my honor to serve as ACUA’s 63rd President in the year ahead. Together we will explore new possibilities for our industry and profession as we continue to help higher education and our universities. I am confident ACUA will meet and embrace the opportunities of our changing environment during these unprecedented times.    
Over the past year, we strengthened our ACUA governance and operations, while also reorganizing our Kellen management team. Due to the help of an army of volunteers, we launched our virtual environment successfully, which brought us all together. We will seek to improve ACUA’s governance, process, and operations continuously, as to create a lasting impact for our future ACUA leaders and strengthen our membership for many years to come.
Due to the virtual programming shift this year, we connected with more people than ever before—a major accomplishment to recognize and appreciate. Next year we will continue to expand our diverse networks in higher education, both at our institutions and within ACUA, through our newly established Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Committee. I am grateful that Deidre Melton, from Florida A&M University, agreed to lead this crucial committee.
In addition, I look forward to teaming up with our ACUA past presidents, faculty, and ambassadors to enhance our advocacy programs. We are all higher education and ACUA advocates and have an important job in protecting the value of higher education, one of the most important industries in the world. Our adaptable, collaborative, knowledge sharing community enables ACUA members to provide invaluable advising and partnership to our institutions to successfully navigate risks and identify opportunities.
We should be proud of our accomplishments. Making improvements to governance, creating new friends and colleagues, and making sure there is a deep appreciation of the value of higher education, as well as protecting it, are great successes.  
I am looking forward to working with all of the dedicated ACUA volunteers. We will work together to embrace new possibilities and celebrate successes.  
Thank you for the privilege to serve.
Patricia A. Snopkowski
ACUA’s 20/21 President